Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memorial: Roy Sumption Achieves His ULTIMATE Life Goal

On Friday evening, founding INNER Circle member - Roy Sumption - personal friend, business acquaintance and Christian mentor - passed on to meet his Maker. Roy lived his life in total focused preparation for this day.

Family, friends and business acquaintances will be gathering in celebration of Roy's life, blessings and passing at The Barn Christian Fellowship, corner of Kelly and Sylvan, Boskruin (Street Guide, pg. 31, DH-89) - 2:30 p.m. Wed. 12 Sept.

Both Roy and his wife Maureen were hugely uplifted by the uproarious greeting via cellphone broadcast and the collective signed blessings, prayers and thoughts from all those (+-50) attending last week's INNER Circle at The PALAZZO meeting. Roy asked me to convey his personal thanks, extreme gratitude and blessings in return.

As much as I am in awe of the humility and courage displayed by Roy through his obvious pains, I will forever remain in TOTAL AWE of his life partner - Maureen - or the humble manner in which she faced this incredible life challenge at Roy's side.

Maureen can be contacted on 011- 782-2616 - to pass on your respects and best wishes to the family... and I'm sure would appreciate having her carpet-cleaning business - Carpet Caretakers - order book kept brim full during this tough time... :-)

Trevor Nel - 705-2790 (011)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers To Roy and Maureen

Trevor writes:

Our thoughts and prayers go to Roy and Maureen Sumption as they face the challenge of Roy's diagnosis of cancer in the pancreas and liver. As a key Christian mentor to myself, I know Roy and Maureen to be committed Christian pragmatists who have always subordinated their lives 100% to the praise and worship of their Lord and Saviour - their attitude is 'God's Will is Supreme'.

Please know that Roy would love to hear from his friends and also about some quality business opportunities that he can get his teeth into... and I'm sure that Maureen would appreciate having her carpet-cleaning business - Carpet Caretakers - order book kept brim full while they face this challenge together.

If you can help in any way with recommending new business or just want to offer an encouraging word, give them a call on 011- 782-2616

Trevor Nel - 011 - 705-2790 -

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Generation GAP - An Opportunity!

Trevor writes:

Ivan and I talked this morning at the gym of an ever-widening generational GAP in technology knowledge that could be an opportunity for anyone targeting the over-50's market. Make young items simpler for those on the other side of the GAP/Chasm to use.

1. LG's cellphone for the elderly

i. My mother needs a phone this simple: A green dial button with icon, a red hang up button with icon, a screen with a slide show of people to call. Number buttons should be covered so they are not pushed inadvertently.

ii. Why can't the phone look and handle like a traditional phone with dial and handset, so the elderly can use it like a familiar item but just not be locked to a land line?

iii. Elderly? Heck, I'm 30, and I don't want any of these extra features. I have a digital camera. I have an iPod. In a cell, I want: small size; long battery life - 3 days, real life use; great reception; virtually indestructable; nifty design; ease of use; I don't care about a color screen. I don't care about these entertainment features. I have specialized devices for those functions that excel at them-- a phone will never be more than a kludge.

2. Rosy outlook for gadgets for elderly

"'What we're finding is that the things that are easy to use are disappearing off the market," he added, citing an anecdote of an older couple who could not find a microware they could work.

"With older people, you have to start from where they are, make things easy to use. Then expose them to these and you will see a far larger uptake."
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Friday, May 11, 2007

simplify, Simplify, SIMPLIFY ..1 ..2 ..3

Trevor writes:

From this post - MAD 7. It Only Takes 'HALF-A-DOZEN' Things! (extract below) - I am reminded that it is all to easy to fall into the trap of adding unnecessary complexity to ideas, projects, strategies, et al, that should be as simple as ...1 ..2 ..3

Too many people look to make the simple things in life too complex to understand.

Yes, most often it takes only a few things... 1, 2, or 3 things... just a 'half-a-dozen' things to ensure success in most projects.

I am resolving to simplify every idea, project, strategy I have into a 'simple as ..1 ..2 ..3' graphic presentation.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

There's GOLD In Them Thar Oldies

Trevor writes:

Take a look at this survey - It’s Official: Marketers Can’t Afford Not to Build Relationships with Boomers conducted at .

From the link, Sharon Whiteley, CEO of ThirdAge says “However, our study shows that not only are ThirdAgers - baby boomers and mid-lifers generally in their early 40’s through mid 60’s - online, they’re surprisingly a formidable presence on the Internet.”

“A primary way boomers spend their time on the Internet is to research information, find resources and gain knowledge,” adds Lori Bitter, and the findings bear this out. Over 82% of all respondents are researching or reading information online on health and wellness for themselves and for their families.

According to the survey, the three top reasons. "ThirdAgers spend time on the Internet are to seek out information (92%), to stay in touch with friends and family (95%) and to shop online (73%)”. Other high percentage activities include general browsing of the Web (95%), reading articles (91%) and research products before purchasing offline (86%). What they’re not doing is watching videos, writing blogs, playing games or downloading music.

Today, close to 108 million people are over the age of 45. This powerful block of boomers and mid-lifers in transition comprises over 40 percent of the population, and has the majority of the buying power in the United States. They account for 70 percent of the U.S. net worth, controlling $9 trillion. In the next 15 years, the 50-64 age popular will grow by 50 percent and the 65-plus population will grow 32 percent, while the traditionally coveted 18-40 Gen-X and Gen-Y populations will grow only 3 percent combined.

Check it out, it contains excellent insight - It’s Official: Marketers Can’t Afford Not to Build Relationships with Boomers -

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Friday, March 30, 2007

10 Steps To REVERSE Aging

Trevor writes:

Thanks to Vic Burrows for dropping off Deepak Chopra's 'Grow Younger Live Longer - ten steps to reverse ageing'.

Deepak is always an interesting and motivating read for those of us getting long in the tooth... ;-)

Here is a link to a neat summary of the book:

Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging

From the above summary, the premise of the book is based on Chopra's quote: 'The ‘normal’ experience of the body and its aging is a conditioned response - a habit of thinking and behavior. By changing your habits of thinking and behavior, you can change the experience of your body and its aging.' (page 8).

Here are the ten “action step” mantras proposed by Dr Deepak Chopra in Grow Younger, Live Longer:

1. I am reversing my biological age by changing my perceptions of my body, its aging, and of time.

2. I am reversing my biological age through two kinds of deep rest—restful awareness and restful sleep.

3. I am reversing my biological age by lovingly nurturing my body through healthy food.

4. I am reversing my biological age by taking nutritional complements that have a direct effect on the prevention of illness.

5. I am reversing my biological age by enhancing mind/body integration.

6. I am reversing my biological age through regular exercise.

7. I am reversing my biological age by eliminating toxins from my physical and emotional bodies.

8. I am reversing my biological age by cultivating flexibility and creativity in my consciousness.

9. I am reversing my biological age by making love the most important thing in my life.

10. I am reversing my biological age by maintaining a youthful mind

Found this link to information about Deepak Chopra:
Encyclopedia of World Biography© on Deepak Chopra -

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Job Opportunities For OVER-50's

Trevor writes:

Fellow blogger, Yusuf Mahomedy - Small Business BIG People - told me about this site for OVER-50s -

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